GREMIOS, the Federation of Construction Guilds, aims to promote the business of the different guilds in the construction sector, advocating for it and demanding the highest levels of quality, safety, and integrity.

The general objectives of this organization are:

  • Representation, advocacy, and promotion of economic, social and professional interests, in general, and particularly for its members, as a group with common interests.
  • Resolution common issues to members, which are of interest to the group.
  • Organization and promotion of common activities and services for members.
  • Coordinate and enhance communication and disseminate the activities of members.
  • Ensure that competition in the sector is not affected by wrong practices.
  • Protect its members against professional intrusion issues.
  • Establish and maintain relationships and eventually join or collaborate with those business and professional organizations at the provincial, regional, national, European or international level, representing interests in the federation’s own or its members.
  • To provide advice and training for members in the prevention of occupational risks related to the subject of the federation.
  • To provide advice and training to members on legislation governing the construction business.
  • The possibility of make a collective agreement for the member companies, so that it contributes, in parallel with the unions, the defense, and promotion of economic and social interests they represent.
  • Institutional representation for the collective with public administrations and agencies.

It is also a primary goal of the federation to organize activities to promote the specialized professionals in the different guilds of construction.

It will be preferably considered to obtain the support and cooperation on these goals, which may be supplemented by others proposed by the General Assembly.


For any queries you may have you can please contact the Secretariat of the federation.